Information as a Tactic for Diversity

The Year I Didn’t Retweet Men

My Comment:

“There is nothing I find more amazing about social interaction than the extreme difference introducing a totally new perspective can make on a whole group. This tactic is how we make a real change in the way different demographics interact, by letting people dip their toes into different cultures through the issues that plague their lives. It’s so humanizing to see that other people care about things the same way you do, even if they’re totally unrelated issues. Not to mention that the spread of information from people you trust, like this guy to his co-workers, is a great way to demystify other cultures. Information is the great equalizer- hate is born from fear of the unknown. People with large, homogeneous followings have the power to effect immense change through the simple act of giving voice to issues outside their usual interests.We can all make that effort within our small circles, and all users have a responsibility to share with people unlike them. We can all have a chance at living in a more diverse and understanding the world if we make the effort to reach across the fence.”

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