Katie Wolfe is a  Communications and Digital Studies Major at the University of Mary Washington, and a genuine Virginian originally hailing from Montpelier. Coming from a small town and a big family, communication skills have been an important part of Katie's life from the start. With personal and professional experience in technology and telecommunications, Katie is ready to combine the skills from these fields to address modern issues, including updating our electric and emergency dispatch infrastructure, increasing access to high-speed internet throughout the Commonwealth and the United States, empowering small business owners by cultivating a digital presence for their companies, and enabling parents to protect the privacy of their children in the digital age.

Katie is passionate about social justice issues, especially women’s rights and human rights, advocating for practical solutions to these pervasive problems. While volunteering with a local charity to help fund children’s cancer research, Katie became a dedicated supporter of children suffering from disease all over the globe.

Katie loves reading, spending time with family, wearing sweaters, going to museums, singing along with the radio, eating any kind of pasta, and learning new things. All of these activities can be observed in her amateur photography. She has enjoyed playing the violin for over a decade, and is has recently picked up playing the cello and piano. Katie is an avid NPR listener, and lover of TED Talks. She has been dubbed The Best Big Sister Ever and The Mom Friend. Most of all, she just wants to make the world a better place, one day at a time.